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The value of peer-to-peer networks

We're re-launching our Pittsburgh Food and Beverage (FaB) network web site.  The FaB network has become a great model for ageless entrepreneurship principles...  Start small.  Start smart.  Start right now. Pittsburgh FaB has been a labor of love since I began traveling to Pennsylvania to help launch Food21 and grow this network in 2018.  We now have over 90 regional food businesses and over 85 support organizations in our Pittsburgh FaB network.  We are just now launching an exciting new culinary category.     My guidance has always been that organizations like FaB should grow as ground-up, peer-to-peer business development networks.  It's what I advocate for in the book and at our new Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs  I'm looking forward to helping grow this model.

New podcast conversation - Kickass Boomers

I had a wonderful conversation about ageless entrepreneurship this week with Ms. Terry Lohrbeer, podcast host of Kickass Boomers. Here’s a short quote from Terry… “I think that’s great advice. So while they’re still working, they can start something small, so that when they need it, they can make it grow – into what they need. That’s excellent advice!” Link to the Kickass Boomer podcast