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How to be intentional about building your network

There is a good interview in Inc. Magazine with Dorie Clark who I follow. The article title is: 2 Kinds of Professional Networking That Work--And One That Doesn't. How to be intentional about building your network. This speaks directly to the kind of networking we're trying to enable at the CAE. I'll skip what doesn't work below, and go right to the good stuff. Worth a read: " Long-term networking. The best networkers think long term. According to Clark, you can start building long-term relationships by identifying people in your field who are doing cool things or whose work you admire. "You don't have a specific ask in mind: all you know is that this person is worth getting to know," says Clark. The relationships I built during my corporate career fueled my business when I launched my own practice. I once worked for a large public-relations firm where every conversation with a client had to be "billable." But I

SBA - U.S. Small Business Person of the Year - West Virginia winner started by helping one child at her Grandmother's kitchen table

There are opportunities to build a new enterprise everywhere. Look for new ideas that make sense to you and start with one customer at a time. There are new ideas and programs emerging everywhere that are ready to grow. Ageless entrepreneurs are in the perfect place to help. "West Virginia small business owner wins 2022 National Small Business Person of the Year Award for the first time in state history" A West Virginia small business owner and educator who started a learning center to provide behavioral treatment for children with autism was named the country’s small business person of the year on Thursday by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Jill Scarbro-McLaury, who owns Bright Futures Learning Services, received the prestigious award during a virtual ceremony celebrating National Small Business Week. Scarbro-McLaury, who is the first person in West Virginia to receive the National Small Business Person of the Year Award, will be invited to