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Why you need a better business network - Consider the CAE (2:57)

Begin your journey: The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs (CAE) - Click to learn more

Short audio clip - Stop being just an atom - and become a molecule (1:19)

"That's one of the reasons we started the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs, to bring people people together from all kinds of different disciplines, learning and getting excited about options, learning about new projects, learning about who's looking for a network. You harden yourself up into a one person, two person business. Get all that legal structure around yourself. You want to be a professioinal, but then go and find other people - to not just be an atom, but start to become a molecule." Listen to the full interview here

A short audio introduction to the CAE (1:03) from the podcast All the Best

"Typically the folks who are listening to my conversations are not 20 year olds sleeping under their desks and chasing VCs. These are people who want to make a difference in the world. They want to make their own lives more resilient. And there's plenty of ways to do that as really small businesses. Listen to the full podcast here

Great new conversation about entrepreneurship in the second half of life - with John Chisum and his podcast All the Best

A good new podcast interview with John Chisum at 'All the Best' just published. Two links to short interview highlights follow. I thought John's questions and comments were spot on to the subject of entrepreneurship in the second half of life. Thanks for a great conversation John! The link to the full interview is here :

A 67-year-old who ‘un-retired’ shares the biggest retirement challenge ‘that no one talks about’

I found this article inspires healthy questions about what your next act could be. A few good quotes from this article... "Retirement means different things to different people. I did a deep survey of more than 15,000 retirees over the age of 60, and asked them one question: “What is your single biggest challenge in retirement?” "Here’s what this tells us: The biggest retirement challenge that no one talks about, in my experience, is finding purpose." "In other words, what is it that you are going to do once you leave the workforce? You can retire from your career, but you can’t retire from life." "In fact, a 2021 study of 12,825 adults over the age of 51 published in the Journal of Applied Gerontology associated a strong purpose in life with healthier lifestyle behaviors and slower rates of progression of chronic illnesses." "Finding purpose can also help retirees find new side hustle opportunities

"...a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life." - Dr. Carl Schramm

"Entrepreneurship provides an exciting new career for millions of older Americans; one they would never have anticipated growing up in a world that presumed people’s work life would end at 65. Rick Terrien has provided a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life. His brilliant Ageless Startup is a handbook for how to shape your future, so your most rewarding work lies ahead — work that benefits you and makes a difference in the lives of countless others. A must for career planning for anyone over forty!" --- Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation, author of Burn the Business Plan, serial entrepreneur, active venture investor, and professor at Syracuse University

26 Questions to Help You Decide If a Late-in-Life Business Is Right for You

I wrote this a bit ago when the pandemic was just taking off. It was published in Entrepreneur Magazine. With the growing turmoil in the economy, it seemd like a good time to revisit this discussion of entrepreneurship as a late life career. How would you answer these 26 questions? "Instead of just asking "Why me?" ask yourself these questions to determine if becoming an entrepreneur after you retire from your job is a smart move for you." Link to the article: 26 Questions to Help You Decide If a Late-in-Life Business Is Right for You

CAE public newsletter 1 - Introduction to the CAE

Older entrepreneurs need better networks. Here is a public video introducing the nonprofit Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs / CAE. Introduction to the CAE. (4:18) We'll be hosting regular Zoom meetings to continue this series. Check for info on the web site and bring your questions. CAE NEWS: The CAE is a marketplace for entrepreneurs in the second half of life. Inside the CAE, we're creating member STOREFRONTS for interested members. STOREFRONTS can be used by members to post their skills and offerings for other CAE members to browse and connect. We also have Opportunity BOARDS for members to research new projects or post their own ideas for collaboration. CAE members - you are included on this email newsletter so you can pass along current news to friends. We are doing this inside an independent online platform, outside sear

Don't sell saddles. Sell horseback riding.

Good article in Inc. about a sales philosophy that helped turn Slack into a $27 billion organization This fits with everything I know about sales and is a good base for our members at the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs. ### As Slack Founder Stewart Butterfield said: "Our position is different than the one many new companies find themselves in: We are not battling it out in a large, well-defined market with clear incumbents. Despite the fact that there are a handful of direct competitors and a muddled history of superficially similar tools, we are setting out to define a new (my italics) market. And that means we can't limit ourselves to tweaking the product; we need to tweak the market, too." "We're selling a reduction in information overload, relief from stress, and a new ability to extract the enormous value of hitherto useless corporate archives. We're selling better organizations, better teams. That's a good thing for people to buy and it