CAE public newsletter 1 - Introduction to the CAE

Older entrepreneurs need better networks.

Here is a public video introducing the nonprofit Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs / CAE.

Introduction to the CAE. (4:18)

We'll be hosting regular Zoom meetings to continue this series. Check for info on the web site and bring your questions.


The CAE is a marketplace for entrepreneurs in the second half of life.

Inside the CAE, we're creating member STOREFRONTS for interested members.

STOREFRONTS can be used by members to post their skills and offerings for other CAE members to browse and connect.

We also have Opportunity BOARDS for members to research new projects or post their own ideas for collaboration.

CAE members - you are included on this email newsletter so you can pass along current news to friends.

We are doing this inside an independent online platform, outside search and social.


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