New podcast interview - Humanitarian Entrepreneur

I had a great conversation recently with Tiffany Moore at The Humanitarian Entrepreneur podcast.

Among other things, we focused on opportunities for older entrepreneurs (3:27), what are the biggest myths that entrepreneurs face in the second half of their lives (5:04), the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs, and the importance of teams. (12:18)

Among my favorite takeaways was this: "We work in teams now and those with the best teams win. The idea is ot get yourself armored up so you can protect yourself and your family as you run your business. Then get into a team. That's why we're building these networks." - Rick (11:20)

Thanks Tiffany for a great conversation!

Link to the full podcast is here: PODCAST LINK

Tiffany Moore is a Humanitarian Entrepreneur Coach helping activists looking to leverage their passion for change. Learn more HERE.


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