Success Journey interview.

Thank you Marlon and Ricky at the Success Journey podcast. What a great conversation!

There are many parts of this interview that speak directly to intergenerational entrepreneurship networking that I want to focus on next.

Links at the end.

Ageless Innovators: Unleashing Entrepreneurial Wisdom w/ Rick Terrien

Rick Terrien is a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur whose journey is marked by a passion for innovation and a commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit. With a career defined by resilience and creativity, Rick has proven that age is no barrier to success.

"As the author of "Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age," Rick Terrien challenges conventional notions about entrepreneurship by demonstrating that the spark of innovation can ignite at any stage of life. His insightful book not only reflects his own experiences but also serves as a guide for individuals seeking to embark on the entrepreneurial path, regardless of age."

I'll summarize a couple of quotes below -

'I want to tie those older entrepreneurs to younger entrepreneurs - to help with 'the beginner's mind'. Because I don't want to see the talent wasted that I see in my peers.'

'There's 100 million people in the U.S. in this age range. Of those, 25% said they would like to start their own small enterprise... that's 25 million entrepreneurs - unleashed to help the communities they live in or love. Find me something wrong with that!'

Thanks for the thoughtful conversation Marlon and Ricky. Keep up the great work!


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