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The 3-Step Strategy to Help You Determine Your Business Mission, Values, and Goals.

Doing so quickly is essential to getting your business on track.

Entrepreneur.  Rick Terrien.  April 30, 2020

"There’s a widely used acronym that you may have heard of: KISS — keep it simple, stupid. But it’s an old saying, and it needs updating. How about, 'Keep it simple, smarty'? Simple is the new smart, and it is, in fact, exactly what most people need to focus on when starting a business."


Ageless Startup featured at Entrepreneur Books store

Featured books will be in a rotation, but I just saw that Ageless Startup is featured today on the facebook page for Entrepreneur Books.

Entrepreneur Press has been a great partner in this process.  Thanks for the support!

Link to the Entrepreneur Books Facebook store is here

First Amazon review

Ageless Startup received our first review on Amazon yesterday.  Thank you!!!

"This remarkable slim volume is half motivational book, half how-to manual, and half “no fear” sermon. And it needs three halves to adequately contain it. Rick Terrien is a bona fide Been There, Done That Guy—with none of the oft-accompanying cynicism. If you’ve ever riffed on 'I wonder if I could...' BUY THIS BOOK. The author doesn’t just encourage you to take the leap. He grabs your hand and jumps off the cliff with you. And 'Ageless Startup' comes with the added bonus of tight, well-paced writing that is always beautiful, occasionally downright lyrical. Not your average self-help book, not by a long shot."
Jeffrey K. Walker, Author

Interview - Wed. April 29 with Doug Wagner - WMT-AM, Cedar Rapids, IA

I love radio.  My favorite genre is morning news radio.

I get a chance to talk about Ageless Startup with Doug Wagner at WMT-AM in Cedar Rapids this Friday, May 1 about 8:55 AM. Eastern / 7:55 Central.   Can't wait!

If we get a minute, I think Doug and I might get to talk about our love for Roberto Clemente.

There is a 'Listen Live' link on The Doug Wagner Show page at WMT.

Amazon 'Look inside' feature enabled for Ageless Startup

Amazon has enabled the 'Look Inside' feature, for Ageless Startup (Kindle edition).

I'm able to see the full table of contents, publication info, reviews, the great forward by Dr. John Golden., and a nice intro to the book.

Home page for Ageless Startup at Amazon

Note from Amazon:
Just so you know..rom Amazon: This view is of the Kindle edition (2020) from Entrepreneur Press. A preview of the print book (Paperback edition) is currently not available.

Kindle version now available

Amazon also released its Kindle version of the book this week. 

Ageless Startup landing page at Amazon

The 3-Step Startup Journey

Starting a business isn’t a singular event, but a journey with three important phases: permission, planning, and practice.

Entrepreneur.  Rick Terrien.  March 12, 2020

... you must plan strategies and business processes that make you increasingly proficient in the professional practice you’re creating. It’s vital that you learn and improve with every transaction. Building a successful practice means establishing a professional business model as well as a subject expertise.
You can enter any part of our economy at a small scale that matches your goals and aspirations. But it’s crucial to build a professional practice and personally grow in professionalism as you develop your business model. Treat your business like the professional practice it is right from the start.


Ageless Startup released!

Ageless Startup was officially released this week.

The writing began 15 years.  In a cheap hotel in Dubuque, Iowa.  The hotel was near a John Deere plant where I was installing one of our fluid treatment systems.

I had heard about blogs, but didn't know how to do it.  I wrote the first post out in my notebook at the hotel.  I saved that page for a long time.  It was all schmeered up with oil from the work and blood from busted knuckles.

It's a real thrill to see Ageless Startup emerge as a book!

Visit the book order page here

Photo is from our U.S. Small Business New Product of the Year Award ceremony.  National Society of Professional Engineers.

The 2 Systems You Need to Set Up for Startup Success

The 2 Systems You Need to Set Up for Startup Success

One involves people; the other, finances. But both are essential to run your business effectively.

Entrepreneur.    Rick Terrien   April 16, 2020.
No one can start a business with absolutely no help. Whether you’ve incorporated your own team from the outset, or you simply need the right advisors to help you launch, you need to know the ins and outs of building a truly supportive team.

Support Teams
Support teams for small enterprises are critical. Here are some professional areas in which you might want to seek extra help...
Financial Systems
Next, you’ll want to create an internal management structure that deals with the details and creates peace of mind for all involved. Start with sound money practices, structures and tools....


Podcast Interview with EntreEd

Listen to the podcast here.

EntreEd is the home of the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.

I had a wonderful, wide-ranging conversation with the good folks at EntreEd recently.   They have posted this to their podcast series Entre Ed Talk.  Thanks for a great interview Toi and Amber!

EntreEd andthe National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education are a great advocate for entrepreneurship:   "As the future of work continues to evolve, EntreEd instills entrepreneurial mindsets in every student, every year to forge a more entrepreneurial America."  

Learn more about EntreEd here

Laying the Groundwork for Your Ageless Startup

Laying the Groundwork for Your Ageless Startup 

Find out what first steps you need to take to maximize potential.

Rick Terrien

April 9, 2020

Most startups take far longer to get underway than people think. This is especially true for small, self-funded startups. That isn’t a bad thing; it’s just what it is. What this should be saying to you is to start your own small business as soon as possible because it’ll take longer than you think to get it going. Start it while you have a day job. Start it in your spare time. It won’t be easy, but the time is there. Find what time you can, and put it to work.
So, start now. Start slow. Take some time to think about it and explore the possibilities. Following are the first two things you’ll need to do to launch a slow startup to make it sustainable for the long term.
Step 1: Lay the Groundwork
The first step is to get a realistic understanding of what it takes to wake up an idea, as well as the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and ho…

A valuable call for interdependence as our way out of this mess. - Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship

A valuable call for interdependence as our way out of this mess.
Great ideas by Philip Gaskin, Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation. 
I am a long-term fan of the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.  Their former president, Dr. Carl Schramm just gave Ageless Startup a strong review.

Link to Phil Gaskin's great piece is below (video and text) ...
"A vision of interdependence"
"The resilience of our communities is remarkable. We will pick ourselves back up and stem this tide. That is how we do things. This is the call for our entrepreneurial spirit to shape a coordinated effort by the public, nonprofit, and private sections of our community that recognizes the critical need for us to reach out and work together.
We see interdependence when:
·Mayors reach out to local entrepreneurs to understand their needs.
·Local chambers, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations adjust their missions to serve those most in need.
·Entrepreneurs leverage their kn…

"A must for career planning for anyone over forty!" Book review thanks to Dr. Carl Schramm, former President of the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Dr. Carl Schramm is the former President of the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship and a global leader of the entrepreneurship movement.  Dr. Schramm recently published his own great book, Burn The Business Plan.
"Entrepreneurship provides an exciting new career for millions of older Americans; one they would never have anticipated growing up in a world that presumed people’s work life would end at 65.  Rick Terrien has provided a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life. His brilliant Ageless Startup is a handbook for how to shape your future, so your most rewarding work lies ahead — work that benefits you and makes a difference in the lives of countless others." A must for career planning for anyone over forty!" Thanks Dr. Schramm!  Lead on.

How to support independent bookstores when buying Ageless Startup

Of course the 'big wheel' in book sales is Amazon, but don't we also all love independent book stores?
There is a good web site at - you can order books and help raise money for the local book shops of your choice. As of this writing they have raised over $385,000 for local book stores.
You can use BookShop to order Ageless Startup.
The link to Ageless Startups is below. You can use the link order the book, with benefits to the local book store of your choice.
I like Amazon and use it often, but there is a special place in my heart for independent book stores. Thank you BookShop!

Ageless Startup:  Start a business at Any Age

Support your independent book store at

Post Covid crisis - opportunities for entrepreneurship in the second half of life

"Working smart and working hard to provide sustainable solutions has been the business of most people in most societies since the dawn of time.

Despite the trappings, now is no different - except that we have better and cheaper tools than have ever been available in human history.  High tech headlines tantalize would-be entrepreneurs, but I think they also deter most of us.  That's unfortunate. The simple human skills of basic, sustainable entrepreneurship get thrown out for the false realities of spreadsheets and get-rich seminars.

If ever there was a time to reclaim and celebrate small-scale, sustainable entrepreneurship and all the common sense that entails, now is that time."

From the closing chapter of the book, chapter 8.  Leading Your Legacy.

Starting a Business That People Need

Businesses succeed by solving real problems. Here's how to determine what problems you can solve to make your new business a success.

Rick Terrien
April 2, 2020 

All businesses succeed by solving real problems. But most people have no idea where to start. How do you pick the products or services you’ll turn into your problem-solving enterprises?

Here’s an idea I can roughly guarantee: Look at the work you’ve done in the past. Where were the choke points? What were problems people avoided because of the work you did?

No matter how you spent the first part of your life and career, you’ve learned to be good at something. It can be anything from gardening in small spaces to designing fire safety systems. We all have a specialty. This doesn’t mean you have to be the world’s authority on a subject; it just means you can talk competently about solving problems in that niche of the world.

You can make a nice, sustainable national enterprise out of that solution. Maybe not by next…

Book review thanks to Author Elizabeth White

I was not able to post all the book testimonials that came in earlier.  One that I am very grateful for is from Elizabeth White, author of 55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal.  I highly recommend Elizabeth's great book.  Also, check out Elizabeth's great Ted talk.

Elizabeth speaks truth about the ‘new normal’ countless millions of people in the second half of life will be facing as we emerge from this mess.  Ageless Startup is one pathway out of this situation, and one that people can launch from wherever circumstances people find themselves in.  Below is Elizabeth’s great review, for which I am most thankful!
"I love, love, love Rick Terrien’s myth-busting book Ageless Startup where research shows that it’s the 50-year-old, not the 20-year-old, who is more likely to start a successful business. Ageless Startup puts entrepreneurship back on the table as a potential income opportunity for older adults. It is a must-read, offering step-by-step guidance on how to start and gr…