A valuable call for interdependence as our way out of this mess. - Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship

A valuable call for interdependence as our way out of this mess.

Great ideas by Philip Gaskin, Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation. 

I am a long-term fan of the Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship.  Their former president, Dr. Carl Schramm just gave Ageless Startup a strong review.

Link to Phil Gaskin's great piece is below (video and text) ...

"A vision of interdependence"

"The resilience of our communities is remarkable. We will pick ourselves back up and stem this tide. That is how we do things. This is the call for our entrepreneurial spirit to shape a coordinated effort by the public, nonprofit, and private sections of our community that recognizes the critical need for us to reach out and work together.

We see interdependence when:

·       Mayors reach out to local entrepreneurs to understand their needs.

·       Local chambers, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations adjust their missions to serve those most in need.

·       Entrepreneurs leverage their know-how to address key community problems.
·       We cast a wide net to find new leaders with fresh perspectives.

We know that even in times of distress, entrepreneurs will step up to help build community with interdependence as its foundation. 

A community of new rituals and habits. A community of well-being. A community committed to fair play that invests in all of its people, and especially those who have been left out and left behind.

Our future based on interdependence, without surrender or retreat, will strengthen our resolve. We will work together in uncommon ways toward common purpose.

Think of the great things we will accomplish when we get through this – and consider the role you will play to make it happen."  (emphasis added)



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