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New podcast interview - Entrepreneurs Over 40

I enjoyed a recent conversation with Greg Mills on his podcast 'Entrepreneurs Over 40'. Entrepreneurs Over 40 features inspiring stories by Entrepreneurs talking about the businesses that they created and the Side Hustles that they launched. In it we cover their motivation, the tools and tactics that they used to develop their business as well as their best and worst of days. These were some of the takeaways from our conversation: • The majority of startups are done by people 45 and older. • One of the biggest impediments to entrepreneurship is not knowing an entrepreneur to model after or learn from. • In school we were taught that it was scary to start your own business. Today it is much scarier not to. • There has never been a better time to start a one person business than right now...It does take a while to build up your networks of fellow experts so get in the game now. • There is room to advise people in just about any subject. Thanks

New podcast interview - Money on My Mind - with Aditya in Muscat Oman

I had a great conversation recently with Aditya Bhardwaj, a wise young man in Muscat, Oman about the opportunities available to ageless entrepreneurs globally. I am certain that younger and older entrepreneurs around the world can become a collaborative force for global good. Thank you for a good conversation Aditya! My interview with Money on My Mind Podcast: Apple Podcasts Spotify