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Why the Narrative about Older Workers Is Upside Down, with Rick Terrien - Human Capital Innovations with Dr. Jonathan Westover

I had a great conversation with Dr. Jonathan Westover at his podcast Human Capital Innovations. I learned a lot and got to share the story of our new Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs. Thank you for the great conversation Jon! A quote from me in response to a question: “That’s one of the reasons we’re putting together the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs. It’s for that 25% that wants to keep going - who want to learn about entrepreneurship in the second half of life. And have a peer-to-peer network to help organize that among themselves. That’s the way to scale this thing.” Video link to this HCI conversation Recorded 10-22-2021 Link to HCI podcast audio index

Third Act Quest Stories "LIVE". Starts Oct. 26.

I am excited to join this inspiring event. 17 great storytellers and experts. 1,000+ years of inspiring life experiences. A unique online event. Starts October 26th. An online event for three special evenings. My live story presentation will be on Wed. Oct. 27th about 8 PM (ET). Looks like a wonderful event! Information / link to this event My friend, the organizer, Diana Dunbar Place. LinkedIn.

Podcast Interview - Embark on Your Third Act: Ageless Entrepreneurs, Intergenerational Mentorship, and Starting Now – with Liz Solar

I recommend the great opening discussion among Liz and two of our friends about intergenerational mentorship. My interview kicks in about 11:20. Rick - "My skill sets are in the muck and mire of blank paper" Link to EMBARK with Liz Solar. Liz Solar is a Boston-based voice actor, writer and presentation coach. She believes a little more conversation creates a kinder, more connected world. That stories are powerful and are meant to be shared. Thanks for a great conversation Liz!

Podcast interview - Interstellar Business Show. The enormous, overlooked talent pool.

I had a wonderful conversation recently with Andrew Bull, host of the Interstellar Business Show. Andrew and Interstellar Way of Life focus on helping technology companies elevate culture and team performance. While our ageless approach is meant for every industry and type of work, there is a specific need with technology companies to diversify their workforces to insure the right stories are told, and that startup and growth cultures include relevant connections to industry knowledge and networks. Rick Terrien: "I would like to share the idea that there is an enormous talent pool that's in the second half of life that have built companies, that have built industries, that have built markets - that know the networks, and know the comings and goings of industries. And yet they're overlooked as a source of talent. These are people in the second half of life." Link to the full podcast Audio clip from the interview.