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Founders Over 55 gathering - Full recording - Thanks for a great conversation!

  What a great conversation.  Thank you! This is the full recording of the recent Founders Over 55 gathering. Link to Youtube recording

Reviews from Boston gathering - Founders over 55

I really enjoyed my conversation with Founders Over 55 based in the Boston area.  I met (digitally!) many new friends.  Great questions and discussions.  I loved the energy of those on hand! Here is a sample of feedback from the event... "BRILLIANT!!  That was so exciting and energizing... there is so much to unpack and followup...  Let's collaborate for sure!  thank you sooo very much for sharing your time and wisdom" -Danielle "Wonderful job today!  I appreciate how approachable you were and humbly inspiring." -Paul "Thank you again for being such an inspiring keynote speaker for Founders55 today.  As I'm sure you could tell from the energy in the group, your insights and advice were resonating with us all." -Mary

Welcome to our new Clubhouse room

Are you using the new Clubhouse app yet?  It's an audio-only platform for creating and sharing specific conversations.  No recordings, just a place to interact around shared interests. We've opened a new room on the Clubhouse app.  Our initial plan is to schedule the room for 2 PM on Sunday afternoons (eastern time).  We're calling the room 'Ageless entrepreneurs - start a business at any age.' If you're on the app and would like to chat, please drop in.  We look forward to meeting you!

Boston: The Silicon Valley of longevity?

Two of my favorite quotes below, with a link to the full article. Boston: the Silicon Valley of longevity? An older population can serve as the hub for a new kind of innovation cluster. February 15, 2021.      By Joe Coughlin and Luke Yoquinto       “In the United States, the economic impact of older adults is already remarkable. Americans aged 50 and up account for just 35 percent of the US population, but, according to the AARP, they controlled 83 percent of all household wealth as of 2018, and were responsible for 56 cents of every dollar of consumer spending — a figure expected to rise to 61 cents by 2050. Their unpaid activities, including elder care, child care, and volunteerism, add another $745 billion worth of production to the US economy. Their labor force participation, too, continues to rise, part of a long-term trend that started in the 1980s. But older people’s potential economic activity only begins with what they’re up to now. Tools to address their future needs, wants,

Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs - 501(c)3 status certified by IRS

Our Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs (CAE) has been registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization by the U.S. IRS. It's great to have this foundation in place.     Our nonprofit structure will let us launch with a goal of doing the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people.   Follow our news here: Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs :