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Ageless Startup - interview with Expert Insights

“One of the biggest detriments to entrepreneurship, especially among older folks, is that they don’t know entrepreneurs.  Give yourself permission to explore it.  It’s nothing you can’t do.  We’re putting together a Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs that will introduce people to one another…. learning from people who are doing simple basic things, that don’t have halos over their head, but are really good at solving problems.”  -  Rick Terrien New businesses created by people 45-years-old and above have been a growing trend for more than two decades, and in the wake of the pandemic, even more people are wondering if now is the time to make their move. "Ageless Startup" author Rick Terrien explains why the second half of life is a great time to launch your own business and walks us through the smart ways to do it. Thanks to Greg Corombos for the great conversation. LINK TO THE FULL CONVERSATION AT CT EXPERT INSIGHTS

Ageless Startup - Inc. Magazine

This  is from Inc., June 2020.   Thank you Inc. for this thoughtful review… Inc. - Ageless Startup - Why Now Is the Time to Have a Second Career as an Entrepreneur.  The rate of entrepreneurship is growing most rapidly in seniors.  Here are the key reasons why. Inc. Martin Zwilling June 2020 “Is it possible that age and experience are more of an advantage in this business than young passion and fearlessness? I've long had my own views about why this is happening, and they were supported by what I found in a new book,  Ageless Startup , written by a fellow successful entrepreneur and senior, Rick Terrien. We summarize the advantages of older entrepreneurs along the following lines…” 1. Older entrepreneurs think life-changing, not lifestyle. 2. Older entrepreneurs find and see the opportunities hidden in plain sight. 3. Older entrepreneurs have had time to think about and develop a purpose and a "why." 4. Older entrepreneurs

Interview - School for Startups

I had a great conversation recently with The School for Startups Radio, hosted by Jim Beach. The link to the show notes is here: The direct link to the audio is here: Here are a few highlights: Q: What about people who declare themselves entrepreneurs with nothing behind them?   A: The landscape is littered with those kinds of people who approach business with that in mind.  That is something that is a caricature of itself.  In fact, real businesses solve problems.  They look for things that are broken and they apply themselves to that.  They’re not after the glory.  They’re after fixing the problem.  They’re after making their communities better, markets better that they care about and love.  Those are the people who are changing the world and are the real entrepreneurs here.  There are millions and millions and millions of us doing that kind of work every day around the world

Market Optimization Is the Way to Boost Your Late-Career Startup - ENTREPRENEUR

What's vital in this process is defining your company's mission, goals and values in advance. Entrepreneur Rick Terrien  June 4, 2020 An employment crisis for older workers is looming. We are facing an upheaval in work options like no other in our lives. We can’t wait for the cavalry. It’s not coming. How you position yourself for what’s coming — how you optimize your position in the market -  will be critical to how you live through it. We need to create independent platforms for generating work and income on our own terms. A late-career small business  of your own may be just the right solution for you.   READ THE FULL STORY