Ageless Startup - Inc., June 2020.

This is from Inc., June 2020.  Thank you Inc. for this thoughtful review…

Inc. - Ageless Startup - Why Now Is the Time to Have a Second Career as an Entrepreneur. 

The rate of entrepreneurship is growing most rapidly in seniors.  Here are the key reasons why.

Martin Zwilling
June 2020

“Is it possible that age and experience are more of an advantage in this business than young passion and fearlessness?

I've long had my own views about why this is happening, and they were supported by what I found in a new book, Ageless Startup, written by a fellow successful entrepreneur and senior, Rick Terrien.

We summarize the advantages of older entrepreneurs along the following lines…”

1. Older entrepreneurs think life-changing, not lifestyle.

2. Older entrepreneurs find and see the opportunities hidden in plain sight.

3. Older entrepreneurs have had time to think about and develop a purpose and a "why."

4. Older entrepreneurs can look back and can lead going forward.

5. Older entrepreneurs can use their ability to bootstrap and set a sustainable base.

6. Older entrepreneurs play to the fastest-growing customer segment.


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