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Just saw that Ageless Startup is now available for pre-order through Target:

One of my favorite stores.  Thank you Target!

Eunice Lin Nichols - Vice President and Gen2Gen co-chair, - "Ageless Startup takes Rick Terrien’s decades of entrepreneurial know-how and channels it into a guide to help other “ageless innovators” on their journey. Along the way, he shares tips from dozens of inspiring social entrepreneurs making their biggest impact in the second half of life as they work to create a better future for all. If you’re committed to pursuing later life creativity and innovation, you’ll find a kindred spirit in Rick!"

Elizabeth White, Author. "I love, love, love Rick Terrien's myth-busting book Ageless Startup where research shows that it's the 50 - year old not the 20-year old who is more likely to start a successful business."

Dave Kwasnick - American Advertising Federation national award-winner, naturalist, educator - "Rick’s real-world wisdom and guidance show how to galvanize your life experience and finally break the wheel of discontentment. The result: unlocking the success behind what you want to do. Not what you ‘should.’”