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Ageless Startup on Audible - get the audiobook free with Audible trial

Proud to announce Ageless Startup will be available as an audiobook through Audible on August 25th, 2020.  Audible has a program to deliver the audio book Ageless Startup free of charge with a 30 day trial subscription.  Visit the offer / Pre-order via Amazon here

Entrepreneur-Leadership Network

I'm very grateful to be recognized as a VIP member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network. The link below will take you to my new author biography. My Entrepreneur author-page:

Transitioning Older Workers Into New Opportunities Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Organizations have a responsibility, as well as a clear economic incentive, to support them in their next steps. Entrepreneur.  Rick Terrien.  July 16, 2020. Organizations and the people who work for them, especially their older workers, are heading into a time of significant economic disruption. As health and economic crises mount, significant new challenges will confront the economy.  The Chinese word for crisis includes characters representing both danger and opportunity. How do older workers and the organizations they work with turn this crisis into an opportunity? We need new maps to navigate this transition. Entrepreneurship offers a strong direction. We can create policies and options that allow older workers to transition from full-time employee to people who are able to create smart new business, while continuing their service to organizations, markets and communities they care about. Simply cutting off contact between older workers and their former employers

New interview - The Author Inside You.

I was recently ask to join podcasters Leah and Matt Rafferty on their excellent podcast, The Author Inside You.  Many thanks for a great conversation! Here is a bit of our discussion:  "I learned a lot about what hinders people from exploring entrepreneurship in the second half of life.   I wanted to make a contribution to help fix that if I could. (Isn’t it scary starting a business?) You’re right, but I have a different take on that.  It is scary when starting a business, but in this day and age, post-pandemic, and with yet another recession upon us, I posit that it’s scarier NOT to have your own business.  It is not that hard to actually start one.  You don’t want to do it to have to pay the rent, or to buy shoes for the kids.  That’s not what we’re talking about here.  The ability to start something small, carefully, and wake it up and bring it to life, and learn the ropes of sending invoices and cashing checks, paying taxes, and all the rest of

Older Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Working From Home - ENTREPRENEUR

Making a remote office your core strategy is a path toward exciting new peer-to-peer opportunities. Entrepreneur Rick Terrien July 9, 2020 Anyone can use this sea change in remote-work opportunities to launch new small enterprises that they control, whose values represent their interests in communities or markets they are passionate about.  And it can create a particularly significant economic opportunity for people exploring  entrepreneurship  in the second half of life. In a post-pandemic world, no one cares about pretense. No one needs to be impressed by elaborate commercial settings. The world needs competence, problem-solving and sustainable solutions. The Scaling Power of Peer-to-Peer Networks Small groups of independent  entrepreneurs , working remotely from one another geographically, can come together to tackle significant societal and commercial issues quickly and effectively. But how do you make this collaborative model work while working from a home offic

Amazon Kindle sale! - July only.

Need a good reason to pick up Ageless Startup as an eBook?  Amazon is offering a Kindle version during July only - for just $1.99!  Visit the Ageless Startup site at Amazon to learn more (  )