New interview - The Author Inside You.

I was recently ask to join podcasters Leah and Matt Rafferty on their excellent podcast, The Author Inside You.  Many thanks for a great conversation!

Here is a bit of our discussion: 

"I learned a lot about what hinders people from exploring entrepreneurship in the second half of life.  I wanted to make a contribution to help fix that if I could.

(Isn’t it scary starting a business?)

You’re right, but I have a different take on that.  It is scary when starting a business, but in this day and age, post-pandemic, and with yet another recession upon us, I posit that it’s scarier NOT to have your own business.  It is not that hard to actually start one.  You don’t want to do it to have to pay the rent, or to buy shoes for the kids.  That’s not what we’re talking about here. 

The ability to start something small, carefully, and wake it up and bring it to life, and learn the ropes of sending invoices and cashing checks, paying taxes, and all the rest of all that – is a skill set that is profoundly important.  We all need to get a lot more resilient. 

I’m going to suggest that people in the second half of life need to lead that.  There’s nothing wrong with entrepreneurship among young people.  Every magazine cover has a 20 something billionaire on the cover… and everybody thinks that’s the full story, but it’s not.  It’s actually just the opposite.  Most startups in the United States are started by people 45 and above. 

(That’s amazing.  You know the other day I was listening to an interview with Mark Cuban, and he said now is the perfect time to start a business, because so many businesses are re-tooling and changing the ways they are doing business, that now is the perfect time to jump in – and already have your business pandemic ready.)

I couldn’t agree more, and the other part of that is that we’ve got a whole raft of new problems on our table now.  And that’s what entrepreneurs do.  They solve problems.   And if you can’t find enough problems right now, you’re not looking very hard."


The podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts and Spotify 


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