Older Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Working From Home - ENTREPRENEUR

Making a remote office your core strategy is a path toward exciting new peer-to-peer opportunities.

Rick Terrien
July 9, 2020

Anyone can use this sea change in remote-work opportunities to launch new small enterprises that they control, whose values represent their interests in communities or markets they are passionate about. 
And it can create a particularly significant economic opportunity for people exploring  in the second half of life. In a post-pandemic world, no one cares about pretense. No one needs to be impressed by elaborate commercial settings. The world needs competence, problem-solving and sustainable solutions.

The Scaling Power of Peer-to-Peer Networks

Small groups of independent entrepreneurs, working remotely from one another geographically, can come together to tackle significant societal and commercial issues quickly and effectively. But how do you make this collaborative model work while working from a home office...


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