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New Podcast interview - The Exit Coach with Bill Black

I had a great conversation with Bill Black, on Exit Coach Radio recently.   Here is a quote, summary and podcast link:  Rick - "There is a happy medium of small, one-person businesses that can contract their services, their knowledge and their networks.  You can approach this carefully and slowly, and at your own pace to set them up to match your own values." Rick Terrien, author of the new book  Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age , describes how older workers can plan and launch small, independent businesses of their own to build more financial and personal resiliency into their lives QUESTIONS WE DISCUSSED • What are the biggest impediments older workers face when considering entrepreneurship? • What are the key steps to take for those considering entrepreneurship in the second half of life? • What is the key takeaway from your book? LISTEN TO THE FULL EXIT COACH INTERVIEW HERE

The Podcast with Cameron Tousi - New video / podcast interview.

I  recently  had a great conversation with Cameron Tousi.  Cameron hosts a valuable new podcast that I highly recommend. Visit our full conversation here . Cameron is the Managing Partner at IP Law Leaders PLLC, with offices in DC and Silicon Valley.  We had a wide ranging conversation about the value of entrepreneurship for older workers in the current market. " Enter Rick Terrien. A lifelong entrepreneur, Rick has written Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age. You see, 1/2 of startups today are founded by people aged 45 – 64, and the biggest growth is for 55 – 64-year-olds. Having achieved many of his own successes, Rick is looking to transition the over 45 to start their own businesses. This is especially timely with COVID 19 pressures for this age group. And Rick has enormous credibility as a lifelong entrepreneur. In fact, before personal computers were widespread, Rick’s startup hacked ink chemistry to produce custom banners. Talk about successful. His customers inclu

New podcast interview - Unobtainium with Oz Kahn

What a fun and interesting interview with Oz Kahn host the Unobtainium podcast, based in Manchester, England.  Thank you for a great conversation Oz! Listen to the podcast.   Released 8-3-2020 “It’s a matter of learning from my own mistakes.  The biggest mistakes I’ve made have come from going too fast, and rushing to market, getting things to market before they are ready, before they are properly tested.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do it behind the scenes – you should do it behind the scenes – but giving yourself time to think through each step, and to think through the activities during the launch and post launch gives you an opportunity to tweak things, and to get your business to match your own values.   These (businesses) are for the entrepreneurs.  They need to solve problems and they need to serve their communities, but at the end they need to match up with the entrepreneur’s values.  this is a way for all of us – especially those of us in the second half of life to leave prope