New podcast interview - Unobtainium with Oz Kahn

What a fun and interesting interview with Oz Kahn host the Unobtainium podcast, based in Manchester, England.  Thank you for a great conversation Oz!

Listen to the podcast.  Released 8-3-2020

“It’s a matter of learning from my own mistakes.  The biggest mistakes I’ve made have come from going too fast, and rushing to market, getting things to market before they are ready, before they are properly tested.  This doesn’t mean you can’t do it behind the scenes – you should do it behind the scenes – but giving yourself time to think through each step, and to think through the activities during the launch and post launch gives you an opportunity to tweak things, and to get your business to match your own values.  

These (businesses) are for the entrepreneurs.  They need to solve problems and they need to serve their communities, but at the end they need to match up with the entrepreneur’s values.  this is a way for all of us – especially those of us in the second half of life to leave proper legacies to the next generations.  So the ability to take that slowly, and understand what you’re doing, and to do it right so it continues to match up with your values – you’re not just chasing some market force all of a sudden trying to stay alive – to me that’s a real value, and a gift to the entrepreneur themselves.”

Listen to the podcast. 


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