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Podcast interview - ValueVerse

Here is a great new podcast conversation about ageless entrepreneurship - hosted by Kawan at ValueVerse. Kawan: "Starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur, or being your own boss has most of us convinced that it’s not the wisest career choice in our lives. Our guest today aims to not sugar coat the long journey to entrepreneurship but rather fuel determined individuals with the right information as a catalyst for change." Rick: “I think that starting an idea - in a smart manner - means starting in a network and finding tribes for yourself that can help build out your ideas.” "Maybe the most important thing of all is to start right now." Thanks for a great conversation Kawan! Link to the full ValueVerse podcast

Great quote - Abby Miller Levy - Primetime Partners.

A new friend led me to an interview with Alan Patricof and Abby Miller Levy at Primetime Partners. Primetime Partners is a venture fund focusing on the future of how we age. Excellent interview. Links below. The Abby Miller Levy quote below is great. I use it in presentations.... an excellent idea for building new, more effective networks to empower ageless entrepreneurs. Ms. Levy was being asked about how their fund would advise new companies entering longevity focused markets... "I think I can guess what Alan would say, so I’m going to jump in here… I think what we would say – and this isn’t just because it’s consistent with our brand and our positioning – Go find an experienced professional who has been in the industry – for 20 – 30 years – of the industry you’re starting your startup in. Go find a cofounder who has that experience, that network, the understanding – and frankly the relevancy to the end user that looks like them. And go co-design a busin