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Timely advice - always use a work notebook

My new friends at the Clariity and Purpose podcast followed up our interview with a wonderful gift of beautiful, personalized notebook. I don't think my friend James Thorn or the Clarity and Purpose team knew that I'd just posted an article about always carrying and using notebooks (photo). Either way, thanks to Clarity and Purpose! I highly recommend this great podcast Find them on: Google Spotify

New podcast interview: Clarity & Purpose - 15 minutes

Thanks to Clarity and Purpose podcast for this great conversation. Great interview James Thorn! The Clarity & Purpose Show: Where cause-driven business leaders share what you need to know to align your purpose and your team. They’ll share wisdom and knowledge about why they lead, what challenges they face, and how to remove the barriers that keep them from growing. I enjoyed introducing our Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs and the role it can play for people looking for more resilience and independence in the second half of life. This also may be the only interview you will see me dancing at the end. The first 15 minutes is my Clarity & Purpose conversation. Thanks for a great conversation James! Link to my interview with Clarity & Purpose or

Uncertainty ahead.

I had a wonderful podcast conversation with my friend Diana Dunbar Place recently. Will be published soon. Diana closed out our interview by asking me to summarize my life in a bumper sticker. I told her that if she was following me the bumper sticker I would want she and the world to see is: Uncertainty Ahead . My friend Diana is the founder at Third Act Quest. “WHAT IS IT YOU PLAN TO DO WITH YOUR ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE?” -Mary Oliver- Third Act Quest

New podcast interview: Coffee Lunch Beer

I recently had a good conversation with Mark and Darrin at the podcast Coffee Lunch Beer. What a great podcast name! Here's a short summary and link... Rick Terrien is a lifelong entrepreneur and the author of Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age. He has launched businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to printing to small foods. In this episode, we learn how Rick started his first business, how he has sold several businesses to go on “sabbaticals,” the misconceptions about starting a business later in life, and much more. My contribution kicks in about 11:00 A nice summary of our conversation begins at the 1:00:20 mark. Thanks for a great conversation Mark and Darrin! Link to the Coffee Lunch Beer podcast interview is here.

Richard Branson advice to young entrepreneurs - carry a notebook

For many decades I have followed this timeless advice - carry a notebook and use it. Following Richard Branson's successful space flight, his advice to young entrepreneurs - carry a notebook "At a news conference afterward, he had this advice for budding entrepreneurs: Every time we start a new company, I will immerse myself and experience it. I will have a notebook, and this is something you kids should think about. ... I've written down 30 or 40 little things that will make the next experience for the next person who goes to space with us that much better." Axios 7-12-21