Older Workers – An Opportunity Created from Danger

Rick Terrien, May 27, 2020.  Strategy Driven Older workers are facing profound work challenges. Almost all areas of commerce have been impacted by the health crisis. How we respond will define our business and personal lives for years to come. Among the groups that will feel a lasting effect will be our older workers. As older workers, we have a choice. We can accept that we are stuck with working around misguided employment assumptions, or we can create smarter, newer options that serve your own purposes and goals. Creating your own small business is not a prescription for quick riches or fast results. It is an approach to life that highlights your own passions and puts in place effective tools and policies to help that effort – and the communities and industries we love – succeed. Start Small. Start smart. Start right now. It’s not hard. It’s just new. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

MarketWatch - This entrepreneur says you’re never too old to launch your own startup, even in this economy

How to bootstrap a new business in midlife or in retirement—even in a pandemic.

People think it’s scary to start a business. In my opinion, it’s much scarier not to start your own business. If you give your life to forces outside your control, you’re asking for trouble.

"Real Wisdom people can learn and earn by." "A visionary and award-winning writer." Bloomer Boomer interview.

"I just finished reading the book Ageless Startup by Rick Terrien who is a visionary and award-winning writer about post retirement – and people who make a difference in industry and innovation by creating new solutions for today’s world."  

"Real wisdom people can learn and earn by."

Andy Asher Bloomer Boomer interview, May 2020.
Andy described their 'quirky format' especially the background graphics.  What fun!


Ageless Startup - Free webinar this Thursday, mid day.

This webinar is a shout-out to our most experienced workers.  The world needs you.  Your communities need you.  Markets you love need you.

Give yourself permission to explore entrepreneurship in the second half of life.

Here is a link to the registration site:

Older Workers Must Be Proactive About Their Future

Rather than simply keep your head above water, take steps right now to build economic resiliency.

The world has changed. This is not a drill. Older workers are especially vulnerable to being left behind. No matter what our career is, we are all facing a new normal in our work life. There are more than 100 million people in the U.S. between the ages of 40 and 65. All of us need to consider new options to create value and work in the future. If older workers wait for help, we will likely find ourselves waiting a long time.
We need to get ahead of this entire problem, not just the immediate issues this crisis presents. Planning for the recovery means taking stock of where you will be working 10 or 15 years from now — or even a couple years from now.
You can choose a course for yourself of just keeping your head above water in roiling business currents, or you can take active steps right now to build more economic resiliency into your life. A better approach is to be proactive about your fut…

Forbes - People think it’s scary to start a business. In my opinion, it’s much scarier NOT to start your own business.

First article in Forbes, sourced through Next Avenue.

"People think it’s scary to start a business. In my opinion, it’s much scarier not to start your own business. If you give your life to forces outside your control, you’re asking for trouble. It’s not a picnic. I don’t want to be Pollyanna about it. But now's the time to do it."


Advice for Ageless Startups, Even in a Pandemic

Yes, you can start a business at any age. That’s the subtitle of the book. Making a difference is ageless.  The ability to start something small - a one - or two-person business - it's not hard.  It's just new.   In fact, he thinks becoming an entrepreneur — either full-time or part-time — in your 50s or 60s may be the best time of life to do it. Yes, even in a pandemic.
With a small amount of money and a few months to get organized, bootstrapping is a hell of a skillset. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW - Advice for Ageless Startups, Even in a Pandemic.     Next Avenue   Richard Eisenberg   May 20, 2020

Next Avenue is an NPR channel.  I especially like their tagline:  Where Grown-ups Keep Growing.  Thank you Richard Eisenberg.

Ageless Startup. Free Webinar. May 28: It’s Never Too Late: How to start your Own Business at Any Age.

This webinar provides action strategies to help you launch your own small enterprise, based on the new book Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age (Entrepreneur Press, April 2020).
Most people in every field will need to make a new life out of the ‘new normal’. This is especially true for older workers.  This can be good news. Our more experienced workers have the knowledge, know-how, and networks to build resilient new small businesses.
Webinar info and registration.

So I believe this...

"So I believe this – despite the mess we’re in – is the beginning of the Renaissance Age of entrepreneurship.
Everyone can and should participate. 
We owe it to our communities, we owe it to our industries, to look for new solutions, and look for entrepreneurial ways to deploy them – and make the world a better place."
Rick Terrien. May 2020

Audio.  Thank you for this great conversation Succession Stories!

Interview - Succession Stories with Laurie Barkman

Laurie Barkman:  "Now is an unprecedented time.  Maybe its time to focus on your 'what's next'... and also an opportunity to support what comes next for our economy and our communities."

Laurie is a great business person, a wonderful interviewer, and a really nice person.

Laurie and I met for a conversation recently that was recorded for her 'Succession Stories' podcast.

Thanks for a great conversation, Laurie!

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