Ageless Startup - interview with Expert Insights

“One of the biggest detriments to entrepreneurship, especially among older folks, is that they don’t know entrepreneurs.  Give yourself permission to explore it.  It’s nothing you can’t do.  We’re putting together a Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs that will introduce people to one another…. learning from people who are doing simple basic things, that don’t have halos over their head, but are really good at solving problems.”  -  Rick Terrien

New businesses created by people 45-years-old and above have been a growing trend for more than two decades, and in the wake of the pandemic, even more people are wondering if now is the time to make their move. "Ageless Startup" author Rick Terrien explains why the second half of life is a great time to launch your own business and walks us through the smart ways to do it.

Thanks to Greg Corombos for the great conversation.


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