AARP's new ad - 'The rules of aging are changing'

AARP has long been an effective advocate for older citizens.  I'm a member.  But it's been hard to get too enthusiastic about their approach to publicity and outreach in the past.

Things are changing.  Lots of smart new approaches are emerging.

AARP brands their Purpose Prize with the great phrase, ' Making a Difference is Ageless.   As a Purpose Prize Fellow, I like that a lot.

They've been posting a new TV commercial that is also a significant change from their past branding.  It's pretty cool.

The spot is called 'The rules of aging are changing.'  It shows a wide range of people from all ages and all walks of life interacting and making contributions.  One of my favorite lines is: "Too old?  Too young?  No, we're in this as one."

There are all kinds of roles for those of us in the second half of life.  Valuable, fulfilling roles that make a difference in our communities, including the role of ageless entrepreneur.

Watch the new spot,  'The rules of aging are changing'


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