Entrepreneurship in the second half of life. My conversation with the Bloom community.

I had a wonderful conversation with the Bloom community this week.

I love the description Bloom uses on their web site:

"Why retire when you can bloom? Join a community of adults 50+ learning, connecting and redefining a new phase of life."

I met many new friends and opened up new conversations with the Bloom community. What a great day!

The Bloom team sent some of the responses they got from my presentation:

• "I liked that Rick recognized and is creating the missing bridge that we need as potential and/or existing entrepreneurs. We do not all have degrees nor do we all fit in the familiar list of businesses. I personally appreciate his warmth, knowledge and encouragement." - Deborah C.

• "I caught your session on Bloom. This organization is exactly what I've been looking for." - Daryl W.

• "A chance to talk with so many other people my age, as the other entrepreneur groups I talk with all seem young." - Shannon L.

• "Rick gave us oldsters the confidence to start something new." - John K.

• "Rick got me perked up. Will be on the lookout in May." - Beverley A.

• "Exciting opportunities available to Bloomers" Larry H.

Here's a link to the full talk (About 30 minutes) Thanks to all my new friends at Bloom!

Direct link to the Bloom site


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