Starting Up Smarter - my chapter conclusion

"Entrepreneurs over fifty represent a vast, largely untapped global resource.

People with decades of experience bring knowledge, networks, and know-how to the table.

In the U.S. there are about 100 million people between forty-five and sixty-five. Pre-pandemic surveys indicated about 25% wanted to launch their own small enterprise. That’s twenty-five million potential startups in the queue.

With twenty-five million new entrepreneurs ready to contribute creative solutions where needed, with thirty years of experience each, that’s 750 million years of human experience ready to launch sustainable organizations for their own success and that of the planet"


From: Starting Up Smarter. Why Founders Over 50 Build Better Companies. Dr. Mary J. Cronin.

This quote is from my chapter which concluded this great book. Models for Regenerative Sustainability. Rick Terrien

Links to book will be added as available.


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