Part-Time Retirement Programs Are on the Rise - WSJ.

Continuing with phased retirements.... The Wall Street Journal posted another good article about phased retirements.

The sub heading is:
"Workers have longed for a way to ease into retirement while keeping some pay and benefits. More companies are giving it a try."

There is a surge in interest in keeping valuable employees connected to the organizations they work for. Instead of just cutting back their hours, why not unleash their creative ideas and industry knowledge and help them start small enterprises that can help all iinvolved?

"In a forthcoming survey of 1,736 HR executives world-wide from consultant Mercer LLC, about 38% say they offer phased retirement, more than double the 17.2% that did so before the pandemic."

"Phased retirement is 'a way to slow the brain drain and manage talent shortages' at a time when the U.S. workforce is aging, said AndrĂ©s Tapia, a senior partner at consulting firm Korn Ferry. He encourages clients to add the programs to 'find ways to leverage rather than lose that voice of experience.'”

There are many great options for extinding our work lives, especially through entrepreneurship. There are big societal and labor changes underway. Wise workers in the second half of life need options to take their knowledge and know-how, built up over years of experience, and apply it to markets and communities they know and love.

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