"The alternative to the 'Great Resignation' — phasing retirement" - The Hill

The CAE is a non-profit org built to empower entrepreneurs in the second half of life. Entrepreneurship options for phased retirements can be a great option for companies to support their late career team members. It serves the employer by enabling team members to launch smaller enterprises into markets the employer may not be reaching. Phased retirement can unleash valuable new ageless entrepreneurs, with significant industry experience, back into markets and communities they know and love.

The alternative to the 'Great Resignation' — phasing retirement

The Hill. 3/12/22

“Enter phased retirement."

"Enabling regular employees with benefits to reduce their schedules from full to reduced time over an agreed-upon trajectory can meet the employee desire for so-called semi-retirement and the employer need for retention of mature labor and the transfer of critical knowledge to development-seeking younger employees. Phased retirement programs are not the idealistic stuff of HR think tanks, but business-beneficial initiatives that pioneering companies have had in place for years with great success.”

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