Ageless Startup and the pandemic. An opportunity for phased retirements.

I wrote Ageless Startup because I was concerned that my peers did not have enough options to thrive in the workplace as they aged.

Under normal circumstances this was a significant problem.  We are now well beyond that. 

Traditional employment options for older workers will be diminished as we work our way out of the pandemic shutdown.  There will be fewer jobs initially and the ageism bias in workplaces will only grow stronger.

Now is the time to create more and better options for ourselves.

So how do we frame this so we can take effective steps now? 

When things return to ‘normal’….

•  All existing organizations will need to be nimbler and more resilient.  This was a clear trend that will only get stronger. This is true for employees as well as employers.

•  It seems likely that existing organizations may begin offering ‘phased retirement’ programs to help older workers transition to their next roles in life.  This is an almost ideal way to launch a new enterprise while you still have financial support.

•  While direct employment options may be diminished, there will be a growing demand to contract with skilled people and organizations that can help.

•  At both businesses and non-profits, cashflow will be tight.  Higher salaries associated with older workers will be under high scrutiny.

•  In group settings, older workers may be considered more vulnerable than their younger peers.  Conversely, older workers may prefer less congested spaces.

•  There will be a high demand for knowledge, know-how, and networks of workers in all workplaces.

•  We will all  have more practice at remote working.   This is a good thing in many ways.

Ageless Startup is written as an exploration of entrepreneurship in the second half of life – from permission, to planning, to practice.  This takes time.  An ageless startup is not a way to immediately pay the rent or solve short term financial difficulties.

Ageless Startup rests on simple, easy concepts that people of all ages can utilize to become more resilient and to help make a difference in the lives of their communities and markets they are passionate about.

Start Small
Make a smooth transition from working for someone else to working for yourself
Start Smart
Minimize your risk and maximize your value
Start Right Now
Set a pace that’s right for you and your business

It’s not hard.  It’s just new.


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