Slowing down to speed up

As the last post indicated, there is great value in slowing down when making key decisions.  It doesn't mean you need to take all your business processes slowly.  In fact you need to develop and test minimum viable products quickly and often.

But when considering WHICH decisions to make, and which to shelve - especially in these troubled times - it is best to slow down, compare proposals to your mission, goals and values, then act.

This just popped into my email from a person I consider the founder of modern business writing, Tom Peters.  Many people consider Tom Peters the 'father of the modern corporation.'Mr. Peters included my blog on his home page for many years for which I am profoundly indebted.

Link to Tom Peters site 

To dramatically speed up business processes—implement a new structure, shorten product development cycles, make decisions faster to better serve customers—slow down.”
— Tom Peters


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