Interview highlight..' Thank you Lynn Price - Camp To Belong!

I got a nice note today from Lynn Price, Founder at Camp To Belong alerting me to a shout out she provided on her LinkedIn news feed for Ageless Startup.  Thank you Lynn!  

Lynn provided a great interview for Ageless Startup.  When I asked her what was the best piece of advice she would share with someone in the second half of life considering entrepreneurship, she answered with the following:  "Do it!  It is an opportunity to live your passion, be a role-model for your family, make a difference in something meaningful to you, and leave a legacy of caring through action."

Lynn's role at Camp to Belong (borrowed from LinkedIn)...

"Lynn Price, founder of Camp To Belong, had a vision to create significant connection opportunities for siblings who had been separated through the foster care system. Lynn successfully created a replicable program model and sales approach to tackle one of society's greatest challenges in various sectors of child welfare. Lynn expanded the category of social entrepreneurship with this international non-profit dedicated to reuniting brothers and sisters placed in separate foster homes or other out-of-home care. Her focus is primarily on summer camps for separated siblings, which have become the catalyst for new legislation regarding sibling placement and visitation, recruitment of more foster and adoptive families for siblings and enhanced best practice among child welfare professionals."

Thank you for all you do Lynn.  Lead on!  

You can be an ageless entrepreneur as well.


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