My author friend Elizabeth White on NPR - and ways to get out of this mess.

Elizabeth White wrote a great book recently called, '55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal:  Your Guide to a Better Life.'  She also contributed a very generous testimonial to Ageless Startup.  We are kindred spirits. 

I'll post links to Elizabeth's work and her great book below.  

Elizabeth was interviewed on NPR this weekend and shared some great insights for their 'Life Kit' series.

"With degrees from Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities and a successful import business, White found her business suddenly drying up. When companies that used to hire her began to retrench, she said, as a contractor, she was the first to go. She had to overcome feelings of shame to take the necessary steps to get through that period of her life."

What follows is Elizabeth's take on rebuilding (resilience circles) and going forward with new lives (don't try to make sense out of things too soon).  Important contributions.  I look forward to working with Elizabeth on these important ideas. 

Thank you Elizabeth!  Keep up the great work!


LINK TO ELIZABETH'S RECENT NPR INTERVIEW.  7 Tips For Dealing With Uncertainty

55, Underemployed, and Faking Normal:  Your Guide to a Better Life.  Elizabeth White.


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