Interview tomorrow (Thursday) with The Feed - Amber Mac and Michael B. on SiriusXM - 9:45 AM Eastern.

I'm looking forward to my conversation with Amber Mac and Michael Bancroft tomorrow on The Feed.  The interview will be live beginning about 9:45 AM Eastern.   It then replays on the Air Times schedule posted below.

The Feed is a Weekly SiriusXM Radio show.  The Feed airs nationally in both the U.S. and Canada.  Each week on The Feed, Amber Mac and Michael B showcase the latest world of technology and social media with their SiriusXM Canada Talks Channel 167 audience across North America.

Download from iTunes, PodBean, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, or Google Play Podcasts.

Air times for replay are ( all Eastern Time)

Saturdays at 8AM, 11AM, 7PM, midnight

Sundays at 5AM, 9AM, 1PM and 5PM

Mondays at Noon.

Thanks for the invitation Amber Mac and Michael B.  This is going to be fun!



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