Fireside Chat with the Founders Over 55+ group.

I'm looking forward to a presentation / conversation with the Founders Over 55+ members this coming Feb. 10 at 4 PM eastern.   Founders Over 55+ is Boston based but this online presentation is open to everyone.

I love the title we've posted for this presentation:

A field guide to launching a startup where your age is an asset!

“There has never been a better time to start your own business, but taking that leap of faith can seem like a daunting risk rather than an exciting new venture. But here’s the truth: Your community needs you. The world needs you. You have time to make a difference, and you have the experience, resilience, and drive to make it. "

We'll discuss Rick's advice on how you can go from being an employee to an entrepreneur, or from an empty-nester to a business owner.

There is no cost to attend.  Hope you can join us!

Link to this registration

or here:


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