Most downloaded podcast 2020 - The Author Inside You


I had a great 2020 discussion with Leah and Matt Rafferty, hosts of The Author Inside You Podcast.

Leah and Matt just sent word that our conversation about ageless entrepreneurship was the most downloaded episode of The Author Inside You for 2020! The title of this podcast was How to Work with a Professional Publisher.  

I loved working with my professional publishing team at Entrepreneur, and would recommend their services to anyone, especially - but not limited to - my wonderful editor Jen Dorsey. 

I'm honored by the shout-out and look forward to listening to more valuable information from The Author Inside you.  Thanks, Leah and Matt!

Quote from this interview: "In this day and age... I posit that it's scarier NOT to have your own business."

Blog post - The Author Inside You podcast.  July 13, 2020.  Show notes, quotes, and links.

Go directly to  the full interview.


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